Political Advocacy Committee


Chair: Claudia Stewart


D15 Response to Bill37:

A written submission was sent to the Ontario Legislature with reference to Ontario’s Bill 37, “Providing More Care, Protecting Seniors and Building More Beds Act”, 2021. It was submitted to the Ontario government committee on November 25th, 2021, as our response to the proposed bill as were other submissions made by public groups.

It was an attempt to advocate for seniors and influence the Conservative politicians to consider aspects of the bill that were seen to be detrimental to the lives of elderly seniors. 

Read the full submission here.

All Candidates Meetings were hosted by District 15's PAC.


For the reocording of the Burlington All Candidates Meeting held Sept. 15

here is the passcode  *.rMh0vh   and  the link.




Canada’s Residential Schools

Some things to consider doing in support of Indigenous people in our journey to address healing from the genocide in Canada’s Residential schools.

Educate yourself:
Read the article:5 Things To Do If You Are Heart-broken at the Discovery at the Kamloops Residential School by Sarah Laing 3/6/21 here.

Donate to organizations supporting survivors:

Indian Residential Survivors Society which provides 24/7 crisis line for mental health support

Native Women’s Association of Canada enact political change and action plans to end violence against Indigenous women

Woodland Cultural Centre

Legacy of Hope

Grandmother’s Voice (a Halton organization).

Purchase an Orange Shirt to wear on Sept. 30.

Understand your own role in this.
Non-indigenous people are settlers on land that belonged to Indigenous people.
Make sure systemic prejudice and institutions are no longer perpetuated.
Listen to Indigenous people amplify and celebrate their excellence and success.


How YOU can take some actions to help:

    * Invitation for Task Force members here.

    * Inform yourself about the national seniors strategy here

    * Complete the letter campaign for National Seniors Strategy here to motivate politicians to act.

ACER-CART is a national voice of retired educational community. RETO-ERO is a member.
A joint webinar with RTOERO took place on June 3, 2021.
The guest speakers were Dr. Samir Sinha, Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health System and the University Health Network in Toronto,
and Dr. Steve Morgan, School of Populations and Public Health at UBC.
The videos are available for viewing and sharing here

Your local MPPs:

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Vibrant Voices

Read the latest Updates from Vibrant Voices

If you have not already looked at the position papers and white papers on the rtoero.ca website please take a few minutes now to do so here: https://rtoero.ca/vibrant-voices/

District 15 Halton will be selecting a focus for this year for Political Advocacy. My suggestion is that we begin with Physical and Mental Health for Older Adults. The conditions in Long Term Care facilities have drawn a lot of concern during the pandemic. We have members who are living in LTC facilities and we are taking action to advocate for them. Taking action to protect our own future and potential living circumstances is a very proactive move. After finding a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, ensuring that older adults can live safely in LTC facilities is a very important objective. Universal Pharmacare as well as Geriatric Training are also important issues for all Canadians including our members.

Our first endeavour in advocating for Physical and Mental Health for Older Adults is to promote a letter/email writing campaign among our members to express concern about LTC facilities. Here is the link to the letter on RTOERO's website. If you have personal experience with an LTC, with a friend or family member, we encourage you to express this in your letter to add gravitas and to illustrate our concerns about conditions. When you complete the personal information on-line, your email/letter will be sent directly to your local MP and MPP.

On March 6, 2021, a letter was sent to Ontario politicians re Long Term Care facilities. Read Claudia's letter here.

Here is the reply to Claudia's letter from the MInister of Long-Term Care.