Election Candidates Halton

The Candidates for Halton

Please Vote on June 2nd


See this Halton Region link for a complete listing of candidates and ridings: https://www.halton.ca/The-Region/Advocating-for-a-Strong-Halton/Provinci...


In your latest copy of The Rapport you will find suggested questions for you to ask your candidates when they come to your door to ask for your vote.

Don’t be shy ask about the issues you care about.

Here are the issues of concern submitted by RTOERO national:

1) National Pharmacare

2) Environment isn’t an election issue -it’s about our survival.

3) Canadians deserve a dignified and financially secure retirement.

Here are the questions I suggest asking the candidates in your riding:

1) How will your government improve community based home care to prevent my parents or grandparents from having to enter a Long Term Care facility, so they can live at home with supports in place for as long as possible?

2) Building new highways, using farmland, is not a solution to the fundamental problem of individuals using cars to commute to work. What creative mass transit solutions and incentives will your government use to protect our green spaces and commit to reducing our carbon use. ( It cost taxpayers $30 million to take the federal government to court to try to dispute the carbon tax and the Ford government lost that case)

3) What measures will your government take to prevent the lack of emergency health care preparedness and devastation of the pandemic from recurring during the next wave and future pandemics?

Here are the questions suggested by RTOERO Questions for candidates about geriatric health care

• How will you meet the care needs of seniors, in hospital and in the community?

• How will you make sure that geriatric training is mandatory across health care?

• What are your public policy priorities to boost the overall well- being of seniors?

• How will you improve long-term care?

• How will you protect seniors from elder abuse? Questions for candidates about seniors strategy

• What are you doing to support universal public pharmacare?

• How will you improve access to the services/supports that help seniors to live independently and age in place?

• What steps will you take to support a UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons? Questions for candidates about environmental stewardship

• How will you increase recycling and reduce waste?

• What sustainable transportation policies do you support?

• How will you protect our freshwater?

• What steps will you take to solve the drinking water crisis in First Nations communities?