Task Force volunteers

In search of members who have interest and concerns about the following issues and would like to be part of finding ways to take action...


Political Advocacy has been an important aspect of District15 RTOERO engagement for over 40 years. The focus for this year is Physical and Mental Health for Older Adults which includes the concerns so many of us have about Long Term Care homes.

Please join our District 15 Task Force to take action, investigate ways to monitor LTC conditions and suggest ways to improve conditions for those of our members now, residing in them, as well as for the future.

Contact me, Claudia Stewart, chair Political Advocacy Committee at [email protected]

Many of you are very concerned about environmental issues and in good conscience we cannot delay making every effort to inform our members and ask for support to limit further climate change.

Please join our Task Force to help our members learn and participate in developing strategies to work on this issue.

To join the Task Force, contact me at Claudia Stewart, Chair, Political Advocacy Committee at [email protected]