RTOERO Foundation

Foundation Representative/Champion: Moira Plexman

The RTOERO Foundation is a registered charity investing in innovative community initiatives that promote social connections and engagement among older adults. 

Foundation Board Chair sends special letter of support to members. Read here.

RTOERO Foundation funded the first chair in geriatric medicine, Dr. Paula Rochon.

The issue of social isolation was championed by the RTOERO Foundation in the month of October. 

District 15 raised $1170 during the month of October’s “Engage to End Social Isolation Campaign”. Our District initiated a District wide campaign. The Foundation was very pleased with our results and is considering taking this idea forward to the other districts in the future. Heartfelt thanks to our members both near and far who generously supported our very first District campaign.

By 2032 fully 25% of those living in the province of Ontario will be seniors. 2032 is actually not all that far away. Clearly our donors are “paying it forward”.

Thank you to our donors for their support, generosity and caring and compassion for others. All donations go to research and programs to end social isolation in our communities.

You can still help with a donation to the Foundation.

Bits and Bites August 2019. Read here.

Read more about the Foundation on the Provincial site here.