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Nov 19 - Hamilton Armoury Tour

Nov 24 - Clarkson Musical Theatre

Dec 12 - Christmas Lights Adventure

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Our New Branding Unveiled


At the recent Fall Forum, RTO/ERO unveiled an exciting, refreshed brand image.  The name is the same but everything else is different.

We are a vital and energetic national organization and we needed a visual representation showing prospective members and current members how relevant, contemporary and modern we are.

Over the last few years, we have been breaking new ground in the services we offer, the research we fund and the support we give to one another. This new visual image will say loud and clear that we are different from the organizations who claim to be our competitors.

Our new brand identity will have more impact, more meaning and more flexibility — so we can use it with pride knowing it speaks for all of us.

Hear Jim Grieve's introduction and see the exciting new images and colours here.


Seniors Matter to the RTO/ERO Foundation

District 15 raised $1170 during October’s “Engage to End Social Isolation Campaign”.

Heartfelt thanks to our members who generously supported our very first District campaign.



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