Program Committee

Program Committee

Chair: Jerry Powidajko

Members: Penny Hambly, Paul Harper, Lynda Kozak, Moira Plexman

The Program Committee is responsible for general membership meetings and various other events which may be planned. Suggestions for presenters for next year are welcome. Our Program Committee would be pleased to accept some new members.

Upcoming Special Event CANCELLED:

AGM Spring Luncheon

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Rattlesnake Point Golf & Country Club

Keynote Speaker: Catherine Gildiner, Author


Gildiner's newest book, Good Morning, Monster, focuses on five brave men and women who overcame enormous trauma–in her view, heroes who should be celebrated. With a novelist’s storytelling gift, Gildiner recounts the details of her patients’ struggles and their paths to recovery and weaves in her own tale of her growth as a psychologist. In therapy, patients must become vulnerable by stripping away their defences, but so do therapists!

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