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  • Warren Seale is a retired music teacher offering piano lessons.







  • Virender Paul Madan writes

“”Lots of seniors of my age feel dipressed and locked-in because of snow but it all depends how one sees the situation. Here I wanted to show that I can see my toy box in my backyard is all frozen in the snow and it is all so still & calm in this frigid Oakvilke winter.  But I am pessimist  that soon all this snow will melt away, bring spring and my grandchildren will come to open this toybox and backyard will be full of laughter. 

It is well said and I do believe that “there is nothing permanent in this world not even our troubles”, then snow, will go away soon. (Charlie Chaplin)


I do not feel I am stuck in snow because as an artist-photographer I now enjoy snow from inside and see it as a white canvas, I photograph the beauty of snow from my windows. In the very end It all depends how you see things. “”

Virender Madan is a painter and photographer. Please visit his Face Book Studio page to see his art of painting and photography. Email: and FaceBook Page:(search):VirenderMadanStudio

B.Sc., B.A.(Comm. Art), B.A.(FineArt)
Retired Chairman of Visual Arts
Fine Art Photographer & Artist

  • Cottage for Rent

More details on the Grevens' cottage here ...

  • Genealogy

Read Jan Murdoch's account of her genealogy search: Finding New Cousins and Breaking Brick Walls

  • Women Walking for Life

For brain and body fitness see Jan Mudoch's website

  • Halton JAZZ Singers
HJS were selected to to be among the 12 Oakville arts gorups eligible for a 9 month national training & mentoring program offered by 'ARTVEST' with matching dollars at the end of the 'corporate sponsorship journey'. Specifically, ...
Darcea Hiltz is the founder and music director of Halton JAZZ Singers. HJS recruiting musician singers, especially altos, tenors and bass singers ... audition information can be obtained by emailing HJS offers opportunities for adults in Halton and surrounds to participate & experience the vocal jazz ensemble. For more information, visit Halton JAZZ Singers website at
If you would like them to perform at your event, contact them through their website.
  • June Wright: Halton Chapter of Council of Canadians

June Wright is the contact person for the Halton Chapter of Council of Canadians. Halton residents are invited to add their names on our contact list. The Chapter meets on the last Tuesday of each month September through June. Meetings are open to anyone interested. We try to provide information/presentations on topics involving Democracy, Environmental Protection and Social Justice.

  • Linda Kittmer's Blog

Check out Linda's blog at